Trucks and Towing

What you should know before you buy a truck

  • Crew cab (4 full sized doors)
  • back seats should fold down like a flat bed
  • 4WD

How to Tow a Trailer

Matching your Tow Vehicle and Trailer

Specifications of Interest:  (see also UHaul Towing Glossary)

  • Gross trailer weight (GTW) “is the weight of a fully loaded trailer. It’s not a weight rating determined by the manufacturer or a weight combined with any other weight — it’s the actual weight of the trailer after you’ve loaded all of your snowmobiles, firewood, camping gear, people or any other cargo onto (or into) it. Any weight that you add to the trailer adds to the gross trailer weight.”
  • Tongue Weight
  • Trailer Hitch Classification
  • gross combination weight rating (GCWR)
  • gross vehicle weight (GVW) of your tow vehicle for both your tow vehicle and trailer

What truck can pull a horse trailer?

2013 Truck Buying Guide

Compare side by side (Kelley Blue Book)

2013 trucks

Trailer Brake Controllers



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