Gear and other Stuff

Here are links to various ‘stuff’ I use, that my friends use, or that I just pulled up on the internet, and it looked interesting.  Eventually I’ll clean this up and put the info rather than the links here, but for now, please bear with me.  These are links to MR BCHU newsletters, so scan through the newsletter to find the page with the ‘stuff’ on it.  Thanks for your patience.

Remember, Horse Activities are inherently dangerous.  Please read the disclaimer page of this blog, and use your own judgment about the gear and the training methods that will work safely for you and your horse.  I have in most cases mentioned in the articles which of the gear I use, but that is not necessarily the best for every horse and rider.  Also, I have not tested all of the gear listed, so please do your own inquiry to figure out how well that gear may work for you.

Packing Gear

Helmet Brims

Australian Helmet Shade (small size, this is the one I am using)  or

But I’ll probably buy the 4″ one here next time around:

And I added a ‘bone’ choker from Tandy Leather.

 Here is another set of options: Long Riders Helmet Brim  and DaBrim

And an Italian helmet that might (?) be small enough to put under a hat.

Safety Stirrups

Survey (#1)

Survey (#2)

          English Kwik Out (These are the ones I use, very pleased with them)

Kwik Out Wide Track Safety Stirrups

Western Tough 1 EZ Out (Just bought these, very pleased so far.   Only thing I noted is that when they do pop open in an accident, the plastic pad will pop loose, and we will be looking in the bushes for it … i need to attach it with velcro or somethign to maybe prevent this…)  Tough-1 EZ Out Safety Stirrup

Horse Boots (and pads)

My favorites for staying ON are Old Mac’s, so mostly I use those.

Electric Fences for travel


Dakota 20 (the GPS I’m using now)

Mountain Ridge GPS sharing site

Spot On Locator


Horse blanket I take when packing

            A tarp I’m going to try to make into a horse blanket    (This is an ultralight  backpacking tarp from

           waterproof and other fabrics (including reflecting fabric)

Webbing to make tree savers

Riding Emergency Gear and First Aid Kit I carry

Night latch

I’m adding to this list regularly, so check the MR BCHU newsletter archive for other horse trail articles.

Bear Spray Works

Fitting an English Saddle.  HERE is video 1 of 9.  Follow youtube for the rest of the videos in this series.

Fitting a Western Saddle.

Equestrian history


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