Horse Links (Free Online Horse Magazines)

I’ve often found good training videos, first aid information, etc. in online horse magazines and sites.  Here are a few of them.  As with all free horse advice, remember it is worth what you paid for it!  Use your own thought and judgment about each topic to make the right decision for you and your horse.   These are commercial magazines (they are selling things), but they have not been pestering me with emails, and I often enjoy their educational pieces (and yes, I sometimes buy things too).

Horse Link (my favorite)

MyHorse Daily

Hitch Up Magazine (horse trailer tips, trailer loading, and trailer safety)

Clinton Anderson

Stacy Westfall (join as a member to see training videos)

My favorite video

Rocky Mountain Rider

Horse and Rider

Utah Horse Council

Back Country Horsemen of Utah

eXtension Horse Quest

Trailmeister — Horseback riding and camping guide, gear reviews, and more.  Trailmeister Webpage

The Horse


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